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    If you are a Muslim, you need to introduce yourself in Arabic .when you go to the mosque and meet Muslims; you ought to speak with the Quran language which is Arabic. Some people convert Islam and they ought to change their names to Muslims names e.g. Muhammad or Mahmoud. As you learn Quran, you can learn Arabic for yourself.
    Arabic is the richest language, even it isn't the global world. But Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran. You need to learn Quran from the beginning from "the Alphabet" to read Quran correctly. Also, learning Arabic phrases is a great way to learn easily and recite the holy Quran. After learning in a correct way, you will able to read the Quran. Also, you can memorize the Quran easily.You can find this kind of learning on our site only. As we believe that learning from the beginning is the first step to be a good Quran reader.
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