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  • Hello and good day,

    This is the blog of and - and hence this blog - are websites that are aimed at

    - People who deal in personal or professional reasons with foreign languages, are interested in this and want to learn the one or other,

    - People who want to follow in the footsteps of their origin, the languages of their ancestors, to learn to understand the language (s) of their parents and grandparents,

    - People who live in countries whose language they have not sufficient command of the language, but are aware that this does not have to remain their fate. Each and everyone who wants to learn languages and applies the correct method, will succeed in learning them,

    - People whose children live with them in another country, however, the children have few or no possibilities, to learn the language (s) of their parents

    - People who live in a globalized world and want to give to their children the chance to…